Huvishka was the successor to Kanishka.
He also continued the policy of Vima by issuing gold coins of superb quality.
In addition, the versos of his coins also honored gods of many nations and faiths (Including Bhudda). A few are shown here.
Note that Helios was the Greek Sun god (See Kanishka) while Mithra was the early Roman (Pagan) Sun god. Similar duplications occur for different societies.

First row:
1. The Destroyer god; Shiva
2. The Mother goddess Nana (Spouse of Shiva)
3. Ardoxsho, the god of Prosperity
4. Athsho, the Greek god of Fire

Second row:
5. Nike the god of Victory
6. Pharro the god of Speed and Trade and Exercising (for Health)
7. Shoareoro, the god of War
8. Mithra, the Pagan (early Roman) Sun god