The Visigoths or Goths were Germanic peoples who invaded the Roman Empire between 376 AD and 410 AD. They eventually founded their own Kingdom in what is now Spain by 573 AD.

Euric. First ruler of a truly unified Visigothic nation 466-484 AD

Leovigild 568-586 AD United Visigoths and Hispano-Romans. Converted Visigoths to Arianism, where Jesus was inferior to God

Reccared 586-601 AD Abandoned Arianism. First Catholic Visigoth King. First to have an anti Jewish policy (against those who did not follow his conversion as Catholic)

Sisebut 612-621 AD Forced Jews of Spain to release all slaves & convert to Christianity

See Witteric and Gundemar

Suinthila 621-631 AD

Chindaswinth 642-653 AD

Recceswinth 649-672 AD

Ervig 680-687 AD

Ervig 680-687 AD But Bust of Chris on obverse. Very First Bust of Christ on a coin. Offered those Jews, who had not yet become Catholics, the alternative of expulsion or baptism.

Egica with Wittiza 695-702 AD. Gold Tremis (1.3 g). Mint of Merida (Emerita). Two confronting busts with cross-sceptre between. Reverse: Monogram of mint name on arms of cross.

Egica and son Wittiza jointly enacted the most severe anti-Jewish law by a Visigothic king yet. They claimed Jews at home with Jews abroad were fomenting rebellions to overthrow Christian leaders. Egica declared all Jewish-held land forfeit, all Jews to be enslaved to Christians, and all Jewish children over the age of seven to be taken from their homes and raised as Christians. In towns where Jews were deemed indispensable to the economy, however, this law wasn't applied. Indeed, as a result of the disintegrating Visigothic power, it was hardly enforced beyond the capital city itself. The rule of the Visigoths ended in A. D. 711 when the Moors from northern Africa invaded Spain.