Brock Brothers Illustration Archive

Karpeles Manuscript Library

Charles Edmond Brock

(1870 - 1938)

Book Illustrator and Portrait Painter.

Henry Matthew Brock

(1875 - 1960)

Book Illustrator and Landscape Painter

Like his younger brother, H. M. Brock, Charles's areas of interest were the illustration of period books such as those by Jane Austen, Charles Lamb, Oliver Goldsmith and Daniel Defoe, as well as Scott's classicsIn general, C. E. Brock's pen drawings have a lighter touch than his brother's and are softer in their contrasts.

H. M. Brock painted landscapes and was more gifted as a humorous artist. Although both brothers were meticulous in signing their drawings, H. M.'s can usually be distinguished by thicker ink lines and bolder handling.

. The Brocks worked closely together in the same studio and gained stimulation from each other. There is little difference in the careers of the two brothers, except that H. M.'s was lengthier and in many respects more varied.