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Charleston Exhibit

Jan 3, 2020 through April 28, 2020

Balloon Aviation

1 repro   A1 Aerodrome   Title Page. Original research on steering balloons
2 original   A2 Aerodrome   Description winds on Steering Balloon
4 original   A4 Ader   The Call for a Strong Airforce
5 original   B1 Jean Blanchard – The first professional aviator describes his first ascent
6 original   B2 The Story of the First Untethered Flight in America – Jean Pierre Blanchard and picture
7 original   B3 The First Flight to cross the English Channel
8 original   B4 The First Untethered Balloon Flight in America   Pilotted by Jean Pierre Blanchard
9 repro   C1 The First Great Advancement of the Age of Flight – Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles
10 original   D1 Airships Dirigibles   Lt. Jean Baptiste Marie Meusnier
11 original   D2 Airships   (Dirigibles) Jean Baptiste Marie Meusnier
12 repro   F1 First Men Ever to Fly   Arlandes
13 original   F2 Eye Witness Account – Johann Georg Wille   Man's First Flight – An Eyewitness Account
14 original   F3 The First Tethered Balloon Flight in America   The first balloon flight in America
15 repro   F4 Rozier
16 repro   F5 Rozier's Death   + illustration
17 repro   L1 Otto Lilienthal Study of Bird Flight
18 repro   L2 Otto Lilienthal - Human Flight – Gliders
19 original   L3 First Powered Flight & Death of Lilienthal   the world's first true aviator
20 original   M1 Montgolfier – Joseph Montgolfier Inventor of the Balloon & the Father of Flight
21 repro   M2 The Birth of the Age of Flight
22 original   M3 The Invention of the Balloon
23 original   M4 The Invention of the Balloon
24 original   M5 The Only Flight of Montgolfier
25 original   N1 Vincent Lunardi
26 original   N2 Vincent Lunardi   uses his reputation to gain approval 20 years later
27 original   N3 Vincent Lunardi – Notes for Rewards