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Duluth Minnesota

Jan 3, 2020 through April 28, 2020

01. What does God Look Like?
02. Is there only one God?
03. God's intention to create Man!
04. God did not intend to create a woman!
05. Does God have Children?
06A. Who wrote the Ten Commandments?
06B. "The Book of the Dead"
07. Why does God allow Innocent Children to suffer?
08A. Should The Book of Jasher be part of the Bible?
08B. Book of Jasher Methuselah
08C. Book of Jasher in Hebrew
09. Methuselah
16-1462 Bible-Working on Sabbath
17-1462 Bible-Ark of the Covenant
18-1462 Bible-Cancellation Debts
21-Ten Command/Gutenberg
23-Sabbath/Kosher Gutenburg
25-The Attack on Israel
24-The Exile
26-The Nation of Israel prophesy
27-The Lost 10 Tribes
30-Lucius III/holy crusades