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Very Early Maps of the World
The First Printed World
Following data collected by Ptolemy (90 A.D. - 168 A.D.)
From the 1478 Ptolemy Atlas
"The Ruysch Map" - The First Atlas Map of the New World (Rome 1507)
Columbus claimed that he landed in China. But other scientists determined that he discovered a New World. In this, the first atlas map of the world drawn after Columbus' discoveries, an effort was made to include his claims. John Cabot and the Corte Real brothers had also just made new discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere. Thus, one can see those discoveries, including Cape Cod, on this map, and then New York a bit down the coast, and farther down the coast is Cathay (China), then comes South Carolina, then Tibet, and finally Florida further down the coast (or is that Korea?) The Map that Gave us the name America, and many others.