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Karpeles Manuscript Library

Pittsburgh Pa.

May 1, 2020 to August 28, 2020

The Karpeles Manuscript Library preserves a spectacular archive
“Documenting the Birth of the American Colonies”

the Articles of Agreement for the Discovery and Colonization of America (to Sir Humphrey Gilbert [HALF BROTHER OF SIR WALTER RALEIGH] );
the original instructions for the creation of the New England;
the original instructions for the rule of the colony of New York;
the original instructions for the rule of the colony of Virginia;
Instructions for the seizure of the Charter of Connecticut (“The Charter Oak”);
the Document creating the Province of Maryland;
the Grant of Freedom of Religion for Rhode Island;
the Fundamental Constitution of East New Jersey;
the Charter of Connecticut
the Charter of West New Jersey
the Charter of Maine
the Charter of Virginia
and many others .... each signed by English Royalty: Charles II, James II , William III or Mary II .

These precious historical original documents must be protected from fading by the exposure to bright lighting and by variations intemperature. They are thus preserved and high resolution reproductions are exhibited instead. Qualified scholars may apply toview the originals.