[Logo by John Silver]

[Logo by John Silver]

Director, Thomas M. Jutilla

Phone- [253] 383-2575, E-mail- kmuseumtaq @aol.com

Six large Greco-Roman columns and portico form a stately entrance to the Karpeles Manuscript Museum in Tacoma, Washington. Facing lovely Wright Park, an arboretum of hundreds of mature trees from throughout the temperate world, and just across the street from the Victorian-styled Seymour Botanical Conservatory, it offers an ideal environment for the exhibit of original papers of historic importance.

As both children and adults view the papers in some fifty oak and glass cases, they gain a fresh appreciation of their heritage. The primary sources of history displayed in the museum provide the means for increasing the cultural literacy of the population the museum serves.

Exhibits, which are always admission free, are normally on display for three months at a time.