Educational exhibits of manuscript reproductions of various topics, whether historical, literary, political, musical, or scientific are available on a on-going, permanent basis. Generally, the proposed exhibit must be within 50 miles of a Karpeles Manuscript Library museum, however, an exception may be made under certain conditions. The Library will provide the exhibit case, if necessary. Such exhibits are changed by the Library every two months.

At present, the Karpeles maintains mini-exhibits at Universities, including Westmont College (California), University of Minnesota, Northland College (Wisconsin), and University of Puget Sound (Washington State), ...... to grade schools, including Cold Springs, Laguna Blanca, and Morgan Park, ...... to other museums, such as the Harriet Beecher Stowe Museum in Mandarin, Florida ..... and to city facilities, such as the Visitors Center in Charleston, South Carolina.

To find the closest mini-museum, or to participate in the program, contact the closest Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum. Or "e-mail" us at:

Other free programs are our Cultural Literacy Program and the School Outreach Program.