The United States Frigate

U.S.S. Constitution

2 June , 1805

of the
"Shores of Tripoli"
Treaty of Peace

Written by Tobias Lear, U S Peace Minister, onboard The United States Frigate Constitution

Entered into Between

The President and The Citizens of the U. S. of America on the one part and

The Bashaw, Bey & Subjects of Tripoli in Barbary on the other part

Article the 1st There shall be from the conclusion of the Treaty of pea to be entered into between the

President of the U. S. and the Bashaw of Tripoli and the citizens and subjects of their respective countries, a firm and

lasting peace founded upon principles of reciprocal advantage.

Article the 2nd Upon the conclusion of the peace aforesaid, the Bashaw of Tripoli shall deliver up to the

American squadron now off Tripoli, all the Americans now in his possession, and on condition thereof all the subjects

of the Bashaw of Tripoli now in the power of the United States shall be delivered up to him, and as the number of

Americans now is ... three hundred ... and the number of Tripolini subjects ... about 100 ... the Bashaw of Tripoli shall

receive from the United States ... sixty thousand dollars ... for the difference between the (number of) prisoners ...

Article the 3rd Upon the conclusion of the peace aforesaid, between the United States and the Bashaw of

Tripoli, all forces of the United States which have been or may be in the hostility against the Bashaw of Tripoli ... shall

be withdrawn ...