The Official Report of the Rescue

Captain of the. R.M.S. Carpathia [Arthur Henry Rostrow]

On Cunard R.M.S. letterhead.

(At Sea, April 27, 1912)

Part of the text contains this extraordinary eyewitness report of the events surrounding the sinking of the Titanic:

"At 12:35 am ship's time, April 15 (Monday) 1912, I was called by the 1st officer in company with Marconi operator & informed that the White Star Liner 'Titanic' was sending out urgent distress signals by wireless that she had struck ice & required immediate assistance, also giving position of Titanic as Lat. 410 46' N. Long. 500 14' W. I immediately ordered the Carpathia turned round, sent for the chief engineer, made out course and found we were then S 520 E (true) 58 miles from "Titanic", also sent wireless to 'Titanic' saying we were coming to his assistance. The Carpathia was then on a voyage from New York to Mediterranean ports with passenger mail & cargo..... The night was beautifully fine but cold. At 2:40 am I saw a green flare up half a point on port bow (White Star Line Cos Signal) .... Taking this to be the ship l immediately had rockets fired in answer ... A few minutes after the flare up we saw our first iceberg ... at 4:10 am got first along side the ship with officers in charge ... we could then see we were surrounded by icebergs large & small....About 2:20 am I could see the remainder of the ship's boats all within an area of about 4 miles ... the orderliness maintained by all the survivors as they were helped aboard from the boats was heart-rending ... the endurance of the women and children was remarkable & our own passengers did all in their power to render any assistance to the survivors ... after leaving vicinity of disaster, had a trying voyage back .... We arrived in New York & docked 9:10 pm Thursday the 18th of April, 1912.


1 st Class passengers: 202. Officers: 4.

2nd: 115. Crew: 206.

3rd: 178. Total 705 souls.

Courtesy of the Karpeles Manuscript Library Museums