Karpeles Manuscript Library

Wedding March
(³Here Comes the Bride²)

from the opera


The idea for "Lohengren" came to Wagner in Paris while searching for new material. He had read a contemporary version of the the story of Tannhauser. This set him to work tracing to its source, the connection of this story with that of the Wartberg song contest. Thus he came to read "Der Wartbergkrieg", which introduces the story of Lohengren. When Wagner finished this research he said, ".... an entirely new world of poetical matter opened up before me...." . He began making sketches for his books on "Lohengren" while still working on his production of "Tannhauser". It is from "Lohengren" that one of the most famous passages in music history originates...commonly known as as "Here Comes The Bride" or "The Wedding March" or just "The Bridal Chorus". It has been a favorite since being introduced as the processional in a wedding during Civil War days. The original draft of processional "The Wedding March" is preserved at the Karpeles Manuscript Library.

Also preserved at the Karpeles Manuscript Library is the manuscript of

The Wedding March



Felix Mendelssohn's
A Midsummer Night's Dream

The fashion for playing the Wedding March recessional at weddings originates from a performance of this piece at the wedding of the English Princess Royal after Mendelssohn's death in 1858.

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